Cognitives delivers better results from your marketing content

Cognitives combines an all-in-one marketing platform for managing your content, with hands-on expertise and strategic advice to deliver measurable business results.

Industry Expertise

Whether it’s creating a content strategy, developing an audience, implementing efficient processes or building optimal team structures, our services team has the knowledge and hands-on expertise to drive results that matter to your business.

Content Creation

From matching you with the best content creators, to facilitating cross-departmental content, to setting up user-generated and customer collaborative content – our content team will ensure your content is fresh, relevant and effective.

Cloud Platform

The all-in-one solution to manage your marketing content, be it planning, content creation and sourcing, distribution and measurement – all from a single location.  Drive content at scale, no matter how large or distributed your marketing team.

Hear from our clients

We’re a born and bred Australian company and proud of it, founded over 4 years ago in Melbourne.

We power a number of leading Australian brands like the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games and Monash University, in addition to powering brands around the globe.

Marketing teams need to execute rapidly and collaborate across multiple business silos whilst delivering an integrated content experience across all marketing channels. The content driving this marketing needs to be organised and managed effectively. The Cognitives Marketing Cloud was designed to meet this exact need for brands. 

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