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Easy-to-use, free white-labelled, content marketing stack for today’s savvy content agencies.

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SaaS your agency

Join the movement for change and start making bigger profits and recurring revenues!

Industry experts are avidly stating that agencies need to move to a subscription based business model in order to compete in the growing global market.

  • Leverage the SaaS business model
  • Transform to a recurring revenue business, increase profits
  • Cognitives is your agencies all-in-one platform

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Recurring billing – or we can call it 
the 'subscription business model' is the new black of Internet marketing.
Neil Patel



Free white-label

Our approved content agency partners receive a completely free, white-labelled version of the entire platform to drive the growth of your agency.

We want you to be the hero. Provide your clients with a cutting edge content marketing CMS, designed specifically to maximise social and content marketing strategies.

  • Up-sell your agency services in platform
  • Lock clients into long term retention with higher value
  • Generate higher revenues with subscriptions

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Low-touch sales

Leverage the high volume low-touch sales funnel model of leading SaaS businesses globally.

Cognitives provides you with the platform to completely automate your agency’s sales funnel, allowing prospective clients to on-board themselves directly into a website powered by your platform and ready to be sold your agency’s services 24/7 on a subscription basis.

  • Automated sales funnel, and platform on-boarding
  • Allow clients to self-onboard
  • Clear upfront value, and happier clients

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Recurring revenue

Move away from unsustainable and unpredictable revenue, low profit margins, and those low months that simply drain the hard earned profits from your business.

Moving to a subscription business model allows you to start generating a repeatable and recurring revenue stream.

  • Start building predictable revenue streams
  • Establish subscription plans for your services
  • Compound revenue month on month

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Partner program pricing

We’ve structured our partner program so that we win when you win. We work really closely with our partners both on and off the platform, we’re here to help you every step of the way – partnering to win together.

Your white-labelled platform is completely free. You can up-sell your own services and even add to the base subscription price, and we won’t take another cent. It’s that simple.


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Partner support

We’re passionate entrepreneurs, just like you. We want to help you grow your digital agency – be it on or off the platform.

Think of us as your on-call ideas sounding board, product specialists, and pitch assistants.

  • Premium partner assistance, every step of the way
  • In depth partner resources and collateral on hand
  • Any questions, any time.

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