We believe in the power of content marketing

About Cognitives

Cognitives is a leading edge platform, designed to amplify the power of content marketing. The Cognitives platform at it’s core has a CMS that enables the creation of original content, social content aggregation, automated content distribution to social channels, content analytics and editorial workflow tools all on a single integrated platform.

Cognitives aims to disrupt the way that businesses globally promote their brand online. The Cognitives Partner Program allows content marketing agencies to quickly spin-up socially dynamic content hubs for their clients and up-sell their services to them from within the website on a subscription-based model, that generates recurring revenue 24/7.



Our approach

  • We want to enable brands & businesses to harness the power of their communities.
  • We believe that brands & businesses should build their online audiences on domains they own.
  • We believe that brands & businesses need to behave like media companies to motivate their customers to engage with them online.
  • We are true believers of the cognitive surplus.
  • We understand technology is a means to evolve communication.

About the team

Our team comes from many places around the world and we’ve gathered in Melbourne, Australia. We are fun, we are focused, we like our coffees strong and our meetings short. We are not afraid of failures; we are afraid of not learning fast enough. We have different areas of expertise and different backgrounds. This is what makes us better together. We thrive on collaboration, individuality, growth, passion and innovation.