One platform – your brand.
Grow your client’s leads & customers with content.

Grow clients faster with your own white-labeled inbound content platform – and start generating recurring revenues.

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One platform, branded for your agency; driving better inbound content marketing for all of your clients’, no matter their stage – with their own Content Hub.

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01. Get clients started faster

With inbuilt social and content aggregation tools you can now get a client’s content strategy started in minutes – with a dynamic blog, campaign or website, jam packed with fresh and relevant media.

With the ability to create stunning content hubs so quickly, including carefully moderated content from social and RSS feeds around the globe – pitching the value of content to a prospective client becomes easier, and much more compelling.


02. Manage content easier

With social and content aggregation, curation, and distribution tools built in, you can now manage all of your client’s content in a single platform. No need to jump between multiple tools – have all of your client’s curated and original content in one place.

Managing content creation can get frustrating quickly – inbuilt content workflow tools allows you to better manage you client’s content creation, review and approval processes. You can even use the workflows to start driving user-generated original content for your client.


03. Build a content sales funnel

With a purpose built content driven blog or website, your client’s can leverage the power of inbound content marketing – without needing to pay for complex marketing automation tools.

Enable all of your clients’ to leverage inbound content marketing, no matter their industry or size. Then as your clients’ grow and require more complex solutions – simply integrate the Cognitives platform into any additional marketing automation tools you require (such as Hubspot).


04. Generate Recurring Revenue

Not only is the Cognitives platform a powerful tool for your agency to grow your client’s leads and customers with content, the platform also includes agency specific tools to let you completely white-label the platform as your agencies brand and start generating recurring revenue.

With your white-label platform you can mark up our base prices as you desire, locking your clients into a value driven platform that returns you recurring revenue month-on-month. Make your agency the hero, while increasing revenue – we think that’s a win win.

Get started with your own white-labeled inbound content platform.

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