Supercharge your client’s blog. Grow audience and drive leads with the Cognitives content stack.

Free for agencies to white label. Set your own prices, and sell through services in platform.

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Cognitives is a content marketing platform that lets you power your clients blog. Aggregate content from social and let your customers tell the story.

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The features of Cognitives combined with the ability to sell services to our clients within platform has greatly increased our potential revenue while minimising investment of time and resources.
Amrita Sidhu
Group Sales Director

AAP Content Agency

Client blog’s deserve more

A blog is the real front page of any client’s website. Create engaging content with our premium templates. Customise to match your client’s branding and launch in minutes.

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Make it your platform.

Whitelabel the platform for your agency. Set your own prices then on sell your agency’s services in platform. Manage clients, get revenue reporting and more.

Sell content, inbound and other agency services via our agency subscription billing platform.

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Harness the real power of social

Cognitives is a social CMS designed to social proof the buyers journey. Aggregate the best social content, moderate to your brand’s narrative and publish with ease.

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Get connected

Content touch-points are more distributed than ever. Connect your favourite applications in a few clicks. Automate your content workflow with ease, push leads to your key platforms.

Push the envelope with our API and design framework.

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The Content Marketing Stack for Agencies

Engaging social and content marketing are key foundations to your client’s overall marketing strategy. Cognitives makes it easy to provide a best of breed content hub or blog for your client. Create a purpose built blog for content marketing, social and content strategies, while increasing revenues for your agency.

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Create a Social Hub

Leverage social content from across the web – pull in social feeds from customers, fans, followers, industry leaders and/or celebrities as well as distribute content into your chosen social channels.

Curate the best content for your clients audience, and easily publish this content to support their brand strategy – allowing you to develop a stronger online community with minimal input.

  • Aggregate the best social content
  • Launch a socially driven network in minutes
  • Develop an online audience quickly

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Brand Publishing

Our selection of premium templates make it easy to spin up publishing websites.

Launch a brand publishing venture in minutes. Go deeper with our customisation tools or deep dive with our developer tools.

  • Leverage user generated content
  • Build an audience on an owned channel
  • Prove content ROI through inbuilt analytics

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Sell with Social

93% of shopper buying decisions are influenced by social media (#SocialNomics2014). In today’s social world it has become essential for e-commerce businesses to leverage social when selling.

Building an online community, driven by user generated content, can provide your clients the social validation they need faster, and smarter.

  • Generate higher customer engagement, and loyalty
  • Increase your clients conversion on sales from social
  • Hero your clients brand ambassadors & partners

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Social Campaigns

With the opportunity for every client event or campaign becoming viral, planning their event or campaign strategy around social is simply the smart way to go.

Stream your clients events and campaigns live, by easily pulling in all relevant content, from unlimited sources, into a single screen. Events and campaigns become more dynamic instantly.

  • Amplify event or campaign interactions
  • Engage with an audience in real time
  • Set up client live streams in minutes

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Easy Multi-site

With social now in the mix, managing websites and social networks for Franchises, Associations and Member Groups can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Spin up new franchise or groups sites instantly from their core (custom) website, allowing each micro-site flexibility to run their own content and social, while the brand can leverage the best micro-site content.

  • Flexible permissions at all levels
  • Leverage the best content, even gate it
  • Analytics and insights across all sites, instantly

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